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Customers should always be your focus.

Consumer retail companies are under pressure to reduce costs and increase sales, not to mention dealing with any market disruption. Alerding CPA Group can relieve some of the burden. We offer Quickbooks recordkeeping, consulting, and training.  We can perform all of your accounting needs from data entry to financial reporting to helping you provide the necessary information to your banker.  Alerding can also help you with sales and use tax, annual income tax planning, reporting, and any assurance needs you might have. 

To help your company stay ahead of accounting changes and new developments, Alerding’s professionals leverage our experience from serving other retail businesses to help you employ innovative technologies optimizing your efforts so you have more time to invest in your business.

We serve closely-held companies in various retail sectors including hardware and garden centers, specialty food, wine and spirits, electronics and more. Whether you are starting from scratch, opening a franchise, or have a seasoned business, our experience allows us to ring up effective accounting and tax solutions that fit your needs.

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  • Mergers and acquisitions
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  • Litigation support
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  • And much more

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